Folk on Patterson Street

Article and Photographs by Raven McCoy 

One by one, people trickle into an old house from the cold, February street in the east end of Belleville, Ontario. Greeted at the door by hand shakes and hugs, people shuffle through the kitchen and into the living room to choose a seat from the random assortment of chairs. Old friends, new friends and musicians mix and mingle in the cozy room while songs stream out of a record player on a tidy table in the corner. Before long, the needle is lifted up off the vinyl ridges and the live music begins.

folk1An assortment of people mingle in the warm living room of an old East Hill house in Belleville, Ontario. It’s Friday, Feb. 19, some people sip tea or drink beer while they wait for the second monthly house concert to start.
folk2Ryan Zaback, resident of the Patterson St. house and organizer of the show talks with a guest in the kitchen doorway before the music starts.
folk3.jpegMusic playing from a turntable in the corner of the room fills the warm air while people catch up with old friends and make new ones.
folk4.jpegVivian Forte is the first musician to take to the carpeted floor of the house’s front room. She cracks amusing jokes while changing tunings between a range of original indie-folk songs and covers.
folk5.jpegThe second and final act of the evening is Alyson McNamara from Toronto, accompanied by a keyboardist, they place a louder and more electric folk-rock.
folk6.jpegAmong the mess of cords and pedals on the carpeted floor, lays McNamara’s notebook opened to a scribbled set list.
folk7.jpegGuests navigate the pile of shoes by the side door and walk back into the cold February night as the show comes to a close.

Raven McCoy is a contributor at Lost&Found and a photojournalism student at Loyalist College with special interest in documentary work. To view more of Raven’s work, click here.


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