The Cody Fox Guide to Recording in Your Bedroom

So you wanna record an album in your bedroom? Here are some tips from friendly neighbourhood hooligan Cody Fox on his bedroom studio set-up.

Images by Ashley King, words are Cody Fox.

“The point of me hanging my mic and 1) surrounding it with plush is so that the sound is soft and doesn’t have as much natural reverb from my room and so the sound is much softer and easier to mix. 2) The reason I hang it is because of my height, and also because it doesn’t pick up as much sound from my laptop. 3) I used old chords to hang it from the roof because I know that they are rubber like and absorb unwanted sound from the mic moving, noisy neighbors. 4) The socks on the mic are because I have an extremely loud voice which always makes my mic peak. When I add the socks it helps absorb the sound Coming in. It’s basically a filter. So with all of that, I can turn my vocals from crackly, loud and unpleasant to nice, clean and balanced.”

Listen to one of Cody’s current projects: Borealis-Lights. An auditory exploration of the inside of his brain.


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